About MushroomLog

MushroomLog is a feature-rich iPhone App designed to keep track of when and where you find wild mushrooms. Using MushroomLog, you can record single observations, like when you spot a chicken-of-the-woods during a drive along a back road, or you can use it to track where you go and what you find on a hike or mushroom walk with your local mycological club. In addition to mapping the location of each observation, it lets you record the common name and scientific name of the mushroom, what the mushroom was growing on, the habitat where you found it, how plentiful they were, and how confident you are in your identification. You can take pictures of each mushroom and save them. The App builds a private database on your iPhone of your foray locations, where you walked on each foray, each mushroom observation you made, and the pictures you took. Later, you can retrieve and map the tracks and observations from your walks or search your observation database by species, location, a range of dates and other criteria.

If you decide to install MushroomLog, we suggest that you go through the Getting Started tutorial on this website.