MushroomLog Version 1.3(4) now available on the App Store

MushroomLog Version 1.3(4) is now available on the App Store.

If you are a new MushroomLog user, the Getting Started tutorial is highly recommended.

New features added to this release:

  1. You can merge two Forays at the same location.
  2. You can merge two Locations.
  3. “None” has been added to the Export Image Size options in the Settings module.  If you select None, then images will not be included when you export Forays.
  4. An Activity Indicator (spinning wheel) has been added to the Foray Map view. It appears when you press the export button and goes away after the export file has been created.
  5. From any Observation List, you can press the list icon in the Navigation bar to create a Species List. From the Species List view, you can press the Action Icon (box with an up-arrow) to send the species list via eMail, iMessage, iCloud or print it on a AirPrint printer.
  6. Enhancements have been made to the MushroomObserver Upload module.  MushroomLog now keeps track of the observations you have uploaded to MO.  If you try to upload an observation a second time, it will check to see if the Observation is already on MO.  If it is, MushroomLog checks to see if the consensus ID has changed on MO and gives you the option to update your ID in MushroomLog.
  7. The previous version of MushroomLog did not handle special characters (eg. $&@”) in Observation text fields (note, habitat, substrate) of Foray Exports/Imports. This has been fixed.
  8. Imported Observations are now indicated with an (I) after the Observation number.
  9. Settings, Search, Observation Detail and MO Upload screens are now scrollable and more compatible with landscape orientation. This also improves functionality on iPads, although MushroomLog is not currently designed as an iPad app.

See MushroomLog Instructions 1.3(4) for details on how to use the new features.